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The Yukon Territory is without question one of fishing’s best kept secrets. There are literally hundreds of lakes, streams, and rivers scattered throughout the Yukon backcountry. Many of these water bodies have never been fished. With a total population of less than 40,000 people, even well-known waters with easy access see little traffic. Although a number of game fish can be found in Yukon waters, the lake trout is king.  In terms of both size and numbers, Yukon lake trout fishing is as good as it gets. Anywhere.

Lake Trout Habitat

Great habitat is the primary reason Yukon lake trout fishing is so good. Lake trout are a predatory fish that thrive in clear cold water. A high percentage of Yukon lakes are extremely deep and home to a good population of baitfish. The waters at Grizzly Creek Lodge, are a perfect example. Both upper and lower Toobally lakes are over 200 feet deep. These two lakes also have a lot of large shallow shoals that draw baitfish like magnets. It is not unusual for our clients to catch and release 40-60 trout a day during June and early July.

Top Trout Lures

While a variety of lures will take lake trout, Eppinger spoons, and the T-60 Flatfish are in a league of their own. Early in the spring right after ice out spoons work best. On calm days we often anchor on a shallow shoal and sight cast to feeding trout. One ounce spoons cast easily and can be fished in shallow water. Once the water begins to warm up trout will move off the shoals. They can often be found suspended in the thermocline 10-15 feet below the surface. The 2-ounce Dardevle Huskie Jr., trolled at a moderate speed, will run right in this zone.

By late July the water temperatures will have warmed up considerably and the lake trout will have moved into deeper water. Savvy anglers will now switch over to the big T-60 flatfish, or the 3 ½ ounce Huskie Devle. Both of these lures will get you down into the zone where the fish are.

The Yukon truly is one of the last great wilderness areas left on earth, and Yukon lake trout fishing really is as good as it gets!