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We have been hustling for the past couple months getting Grizzly Creek Lodge ready for the 2017 season.  There are boats to repair and clean,  firewood to chop, repairs to make and the list goes on.   The saving grace is that we built the lodge and cabins ourselves and we know their architecture inside and out.

Another task is the purchasing of supplies and food for the coming months.  Since we are a Fly in Lodge it the logistics of keeping the lodge supplied can be a bit daunting at times.  Reggie is a master at making sure we always bring in fresh produce and food supplies on the incoming planes.  David on the other hand makes sure that we have everything we need for the boats and fishermen,  Fuel, oil, flies, lures, terminal tackle, etc.   With our years of experience we have this part of the job down to a science and we rarely are in need.

As usual the ice is now off the lakes and the fish are very hungry.  Our guests are catching trophy Pike and Lake Trout in record numbers in both the lakes and streams.   Fly fishermen and conventional fishermen are both seeing success.  For those that have never fly fished before thats ok,  David has taught hundred of people the art of  fly fishing over the years.

A typical day at the lodge starts with a hearty breakfast at the main lodge.  During breakfast you will discuss what type of fishing you would like to do for the day and preparations will be made while you finish breakfast and get ready for a day on the water.   Lunch can either be a brown bag lunch prepared for you prior to getting on the boats or a fresh shore lunch where we prepare a fish or two that you catch that morning.   We will resume fishing after lunch or we can return to the lodge for a leisurely afternoon.  Reggie will then prepare one of her amazing dinners complete with a bottle of wine and desert.   Some guests like to go out fishing again after dinner for the evening bite.

The 2017 Season is just the beginning of another fantastic year.  We hope you are planning to join us!