The ultimate fishing trip for a true fisherman is a fly-in fishing Canada adventure.  Fishing in places where very few people have ever been is almost a zen like experience.  The tranquil untouched beauty of the wilderness is amazing. And fishing for the large aggressive native fish is beyond words.

But to totally enjoy such an adventure you must be adequately prepared,  even when coming to a remote wilderness lodge like Grizzly Creek Lodge.  It’s not like you can just hop in your car and drive to the nearest store to pick up something you may have forgotten.  To be certain you take everything you need start planning early and make a checklist.

Of course the essentials of food, fishing equipment, tackle, and toiletries need to be on your list, but there are a few additional items that you may want to consider bringing with you that could come in handy:

  • Roll of Duct Tape – let’s face it, things break.  A roll of duct tape can come in very handy to repair fishing rods, hang up items so critters can’t get them, repair a hole in your waders or boots, hold up a pair of pants, and the list goes on.
  • Tube of Super Glue – like Duct Tape super glue has many different uses from fixing fishing equipment and tackle to holding a deep cut together until you can get stitches.  Super Glue has a million an one uses and belongs somewhere in your back pack.
  • Extra fishing rod – you may have a very nice expensive fly rod but having an extra less expensive rod along for the trip is not a bad idea.  You may find it less stressful when fishing areas where you could break a rod,  use it in the event your rod falls overboard or if your fishing buddy steps on it.
  • Pair of heavy scissors – of course you can use it for tending to fishing equipment but it can come in handy when you are cooking, preparing fish or when you roll out the duct tape.
  • Antihistamine – even though you may not have been allergic to anything in your life a handful of antihistamines may come in handy when you get bit by that odd bug or run into the poison sumac or nettles.  Antihistamine will reduce swelling and could just save your life.
  • Aspirin – from crushing it up to rub on a aching tooth to giving it to your fishing buddy who is grasping their chest, having a bottle of aspirin is just a good idea to have along anytime you go in the wilderness.
  • Map – yes,  you might have a fancy GPS but a map of the area you are going into could be important.  If your GPS takes a swim or stops working a good old fashion map might just save the day.  Also having a compass along could be a big help.
  • Candles – a good old fashion candle can be used in so many ways.  From lighting up a dark tent to using the hot candle wax to repair fishing equipment.

Im sure there is a couple hundred other items that I am missing from this list.  The thing is don’t start planning and packing at the last minute.  Think about where you are going and check in with the lodge to see if they have a list of items you should bring.  If you are not sure if you will need it ,and the item is small, throw it in anyway,  you might just be glad you did.  Remember, you can never be too prepared for a fly-in fishing Canada adventure.