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Fly fishing for lake trout. Although no one seems to know who coined the term, “location, location, location,” most historians agree that it was most likely a real estate tycoon. What we do know, is that the Chicago Tribune was the first to publish the phrase in 1926. That fact, leads me to believe an angler had something to do with it. As everyone knows, the Midwest is chock full of people who take their fishing seriously. The person who coined the term may well have been in real estate, but I’m betting they were an avid angler too.

When it comes to fishing, location is everything. You simply can’t catch fish if they’re not there. This is especially true on large, deep, northern lakes, when lake trout are your target. Understanding the water temperature these fish prefer, is huge later in the season when the water warms up and the fish go deep; but understanding their feeding habits is the golden key to identifying prime early season locations, that will consistently produce fish.