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Best Fishing Lodges In Canada

What has four arms and four legs, nets over 100 fish weighing a total of over 1000 lbs and still has time for a relaxing shore lunch and a delicious home cooked dinner?

Answer: 2 happy fishermen catching Lake Trout and Pike on a spectacular June day out of one of the Best Fishing Lodges In Canada, Grizzly Creek Lodge.

I guess one of the things they need to add to the “What To Pack” list is a tube of Ben Gay, Can you imagine what your arms would feel like after boating that many fish. I think the next day they cut back and only caught 30 fish each.

Grizzly Creek Lodge is perched on the banks of Toobally Lake, which is located 90 air miles over rugged country from Watson Creek Canada. Because of its proximity and lack of convenient public access Toobally Lake is considered one of the most remote lakes in Canada.

Owned for years by a wealthy business man, Toobally Lake was a basically a private retreat for his family and select friends. Only recently has Grizzly Creek Lodge been open to the public.

Because of the weather in this part of the world the lodge is open for guests fur fishing for just a few months out of each year. On average less than 100 fishermen get to experience the amazing fishing on Toobally Lake during this short season.

David O’Farrell and his wife Reggie are now the owners and operators of this amazing place. They have the deepest respect for the lake and surrounding area and keep the Lodge in pristine condition. Its amazing a lodge this remote has all the comforts of home, with comfortable private cabins, full bath facilities, a main lodge with a commercial kitchen and the list goes on.

Grizzly Creek Lodge is a full service lodge that arranges and provides all the amenities and services you would expect from this type of lodge:

  • Professional Guide for every 2 fishermen
  • All boats, motors, equipment, tackle
  • 3 amazing meals a day
  • Float Plane Flights to and from the lodge
  • Clean comfortable bedding, linens, and towels
  • Satellite Internet Service

It would be difficult to not include Grizzly Creek Lodge in any publication that promotes the Best Fishing Lodges In Canada.