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Fly fishing for lake trout

Fly Fishing Techniques for Lake Trout

by test
                                                            Fly Fishing for Lake Trout We get asked about fly fishing for lake trout all the time. Visitors to our website are surprised to see these trips offered. Most think lake trout fishing consists of slow trolling heavy lures at great depths. They are amazed to find out that we offer fly fishing trips geared towards this hard fighting species. When I tell them they can expect to catch and release [...]
fishing in the Yukon Territory

Fishing in the Yukon Territory

by test
                                     Fishing in the Yukon Territory The discovery of yellow gold by Skookum Jim Mason, Tagish Charlie, and George Carmack, started the first stampede of outsiders into the Yukon Territory. The trio made their discovery in 1896 on Rabbit Creek, not far from the sleepy little northern town of Dawson City.  By the spring of 1897, news had spread, and the gold rush was on. The great gold rush branded the Yukon Territory forever. Thousands of tourists make the long pilgrimage north up [...]
Arctic grayling fishing

Fishing for Arctic Grayling

by test
                                             Arctic Grayling Fishing Canada’s Yukon Territory is home to some of the finest arctic grayling fishing on the planet. With their sail like dorsal fin, arctic grayling are one of the most beautiful fresh water species. They are also pound for pound, one of the best fighting fish in the north. Arctic grayling love to break water, and it’s not unusual for them to go airborne multiple times during a fight. Feeding primarily on insects, they are a [...]
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