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Fishing With Our Guides

Our professional Canada Fishing Guides have the experience, know-how, and patience to help you catch your next Trophy Fish.  Whether you are a novice fisherman or experienced angler we can help you catch your next Trophy Fish.

Living on Toobally Lake year round we have gotten to know every nook and cranny of this unique body of water.  We have gotten to know how the different weather patterns affects where the fish will be and what will encourage them to bite.  

We Tailor Each Day To Your Requests

Each morning we meet with you to discuss what you would like to fish for and how you would like to fish for them.  Of course, we will make recommendations but in the end it is all up to you and what experiences you would like that day 

Some days you might want to fish from dawn to dusk,  other days you might want to take a slower pace and have a lengthy shore lunch and soak up the scenery.  

Canadian Lake Trout & Pike

Have you ever hooked into a 30lb Lake Trout with a fly pole?  Have you ever caught 20 fish in a day all over 20 pounds?  If you've been to Grizzly Creek Lodge you have!

Our speciality is catching Trophy Canadian Lake Trout & Giant Northern Pike on flies.  These aggressive fish are sure to wear you out.  They are hard fighting fish and continue to spool your reel on a regular basis.

Canadian Lake & Stream Fishing

At Grizzly Creek Lodge we have 2 lakes and numerous streams and tributaries feeding into them.  Fish are abundant in both waters and give our guests a nice change of pace from day to day.

Special Offer
Our Premier "One on One" Fly Fishing Package

We Only Offer 2 Of These Trips Per Season

Grizzly Creek Lodge is a family operation, and we take pride in the fact that we offer all of our clients a very personalized trip. Our fly fishing trips take that to a new level. These trips are designed for the serious fly-fisher. Not only did we want to offer fishermen a unique experience, we wanted to offer them a trip where they won’t have to worry about competition from other lients. We only offer two of these trips each year, and only have room for two fly fishers per trip. Lodge owner David O’Farrell, and his son James will be your guides. Their over 30-years of combined experience on these waters ensures you are in capable hands. They know what to use and where to find the fish on any given day.

Our fly fishing trips are one-on one, meaning each fisherman will have their own guide. This ensures each trip is tailored to your personal aspirations. Whether you spend the day drifting over shoals casting for lake trout, drifting dry flies for arctic grayling, or chasing monster pike, it’s up to you.

We run these trips early in the year to take advantage of the cold water. During this time lake trout are still feeding near the surface. On calm days you will see schools of trout feeding on the shallow shoals that are scattered throughout our fishery. It’s not uncommon to see a dozen or more big lake trout fighting for your fly. You can expect a lot of action. Catches of 40-60 fish per dayis not unusual.

Northern pike are very active during this time as well. In early June the big trophy class fish can still be found in their spawning bays. In my opinion this is one of the Yukon’s most underrated fishery. While our lake trout fishery is well known, few realize that the Yukon Territory is home to world class northern pike fishing. Here at Grizzly Creek Lodge, northern pike over 40-inches in length are caught on a regular basis. Our camp record is a whopping 50-incher! Two years ago a couple from Chicago caught and released 60 northern pike in two hours of fishing; only three were under 30 inches. Arctic grayling is another species you will get to enjoy. These fish are a fly fishers dream. They readily take both dry flies, and nymphs, are great fighters, and very photogenic.

Since space is so limited on our fly fishing excursions we urge you to book early. A $500 deposit will confirm your spot up to a year in advance. While you are welcome to bring your own rods, we will gladly provide everything you need at no extra charge. This includes, waders, quality fly rods, and all flies. All fishing is catch-and release. Hope to see you soon!

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