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Grizzly Creek Lodge

Toobally Lake, Canada

Canada Fishing Lodges are not all the same.

Grizzly Creek Lodge is a unique Yukon fishing lodge that focuses on quality not quantity!  


Our Fishery


Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, and Northern Pike.
Canadian fly-in fishing lodges are built around these three species.

Anglers looking to book a Canadian fishing trip often have to choose between lots of action, or trophy quality.

Here at Grizzly Creek Lodge – you get both. It’s not uncommon for us to land over 100-fish in one day, with many going over 20-pounds.

Our Waters

Yukon Fly-in FishingGrizzly Creek Lodge is located in the extreme southeast Yukon Territory. This area is one of the last true wilderness areas left in North America. We fish both lower Toobally, and upper Toobally lakes.

The upper Smith River connects these two lakes, giving us access to an incredible amount of water without costly fly-outs. Both the lower and upper Toobally lakes are very deep, and both have a lot of structure.

Large shallow shoals scattered throughout the lakes with deep channels reaching depths of over 250-feet in between, make for some of the best lake trout, and northern pike habitat the north has to offer. The Smith River is teeming with Arctic Grayling, Whitefish, as well as Lake Trout, and Northern Pike.

Lake Trout

Yukon Lake TroutDespite their name, lake trout are not a trout at all; they are actually a member of the Char family. Juvenile lake trout feed primarily on zooplankton, insect larvae, crustaceans, snails, and leeches. As they mature, their feeding habits begin to change, and they become opportunistic piscivores. The mature lake trout that anglers target, feed almost exclusively on smaller fish like Cisco’s.

Lake trout are hands down one of the hardest fighting freshwater species in the world. Even smaller lake trout are pugnacious fighters. They have stamina that has to be experienced to be believed. Multiple long, depth sounding runs are normal; even with a heavier rod. Our camp record is a 43-pounder, and the best day ever recorded was 147-lake trout caught by one boat in about 8-hours of fishing. Many of those fish were over 30-inches long.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike are easily one of the Yukon’s best kept secrets. Serious pike anglers often overlook the Territory in their search for these big predator fish. This is a mistake; the Yukon Territory is home to some of the best northern pike fishing on the planet.

Pike spawn in shallow bays and deltas early in the spring right after the ice goes out. They will stay in these shallow areas until the water temperatures begin to rise in late June. Targeting these shallows areas where you can watch fish strike, really ratchets up the excitement level.

Our camp record is a 50-inch female and we routinely land pike in excess of 40-inches long. Recently two of our clients caught and released 60 northern pike in two hours of fishing, all but one was over 30-inches long. The bottom line is that you can realistically expect to land big numbers of really big northern pike at Grizzly Creek Lodge.

Arctic Grayling

Part of the salmon family arctic grayling are considered by those that know them to be the most beautiful fresh water species in the world. Their large dorsal fin, vibrant colors, voracious appetite, and aerial abilities are just some of the reasons these beautiful fish are considered one of the best light tackle or fly fishing experiences available.

Although there are six grayling species in the northern hemisphere, only one, the arctic grayling, ( Thymallus Arcticus, ) is found in North America. During the summer months arctic grayling feed voraciously, and although they have been known to eat small fish and even small rodents, their primary diet consists of drifting insects. Here at Grizzly Creek Lodge we are blessed with a rich untouched ecosystem that is perfect habitat for the arctic grayling. We often catch males in excess of 20-inches, and you can expect a lot of action. Watching a big arctic grayling dancing across a clear mountain stream is about as good as fishing gets!

Our Trips

Our main lodge is located on lower Toobally Lake; 90-air miles northeast of the small town of Watson Lake Yukon Territory. This is where your trip will start. Upon arrival in Watson Lake Yukon, you will fly by floatplane to our main lodge. The flight is about 45-minutes long. Once airborne you will begin to understand just how magnificent the boreal forest of the southeast really is. There are virtually no roads or infrastructure of any kind to be seen; just miles of untouched wilderness dotted with hundreds of small unnamed lakes.

Upon arrival at our main lodge you will be greeted by the O’Farrell family and given a quick tour of the facilities. The coffee is always on and you will soon feel right at home. The fishing begins as soon as you are ready. On our typical seven-day package you will spend the first two days fishing lower Toobally Lake for lake trout and northern pike. You will also get a chance to spend one of those days grayling fishing in the lower Smith River about four miles south of the lodge. There is also a hike in opportunity available for those who really want to get off the beaten path. The hike is ‘moderate’ in difficulty, and the small lake holds nothing but northern pike. Big northern pike! Our camp record 50-incher was taken at this small hike in lake.

The next phase of your adventure begins with a jet-boat ride up the Smith River. The upper Smith is a beautiful wilderness river teeming with arctic grayling, lake trout, and even northern pike. We will spend the better part of the day on the river fishing deep pools for arctic grayling, lake trout, and pike. Keep your camera handy on this day because you will see wildlife and birds of prey. Moose, beavers, otters, mink, as well as both golden and bald eagles, are common in the area. By late afternoon you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful settings the north has to offer. Our upper lake lodge, is located on a natural point that juts out into upper Toobally Lake. The handcrafted log cabins are set in a stand of old growth timber only a stone’s throw from the water. The natural beach along the water’s edge is a great spot to relax in the sun, or even do some shore fishing.

Upper Toobally Lake is about 10-miles long and 1-1/2 miles wide. The fishing has to be seen to be believed. You will spend the next two or three days fishing upper Toobally Lake, before returning to the main lodge on lower Toobally via jet-boat. Remember to keep your camera handy! Once back at the main lodge you will get to enjoy one more day hunting for trophy size fish. The last evening of your stay Reggie serves a traditional Thanksgiving type meal with all the trimmings. This tradition started many years ago, and it signifies our thanks to each and every one of our clients.

Why Book with Us?


Access to more water than you could possibly fish, with NO costly fly-outs.

All three species can be caught in great numbers within 4-miles of the main lodge.

Our attention to detail. Because we are a small family run lodge that has been in the business for almost 30-years we have total control over every detail of your trip. We don’t leave it up to others. Lodge owners David and Reggie O’Farrell, are with you every single day. David and his son James will be your guides, and with over 50-years combined experience on these waters, you can be assured you are in competent hands.

We have a proven catch and release program that has stood the test of time. Our small group size ensures you will receive personalized service you won’t get anywhere else.


We enjoy what we do, for us this is a lifestyle, not a job.

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  • ✓  Fly In Fishing Lodge
  • ✓ 3 Home Cooked Meals Per Day
  • ✓ Fully Guided
  • ✓ All Boats & Tackle
  • ✓ Trophy Northern Pike
  • ✓ Huge Canadian Lake Trout
  • ✓ Dolly Varden
  • ✓ Wildlife Viewing
  • ✓ Family Focused
  • ✓ Best Fishing
  • ✓ Winter Trapline Adventures
  • ✓ Winter Ice Fishing

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Reggie & David


As far as Canada Fishing Lodges go you won’t find a place further removed from the rest of the world, or as comfortable. For over 25 years we have strived to ensure our lodge is not only a world class fishing destination, but also world class in comfort. Come join us for a relaxing getaway that you and your family will never forget!

Where Is Grizzly Creek Lodge

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Don't Forget The Camera

You will be staying and fishing in one of the Best Canada Fishing Lodges in the Yukon. Beautiful lakes & streams, tree covered mountains, and abundent wildlife will make your adventure one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Amazing Food

Our guest enjoy the hearty home cooked meals we provide for them during their stay. We provide a big hot breakfast to start the day, a plentiful lake lunch, and then you will end a day with an amazing dinner with all the trimmings.

Getting To Us

Major commercial airlines connect Whitehorse directly with Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Kelowna, and Yellowknife. Air travel to Whitehorse is a daily, year-round service on major routes, and there are a variety of convenient connections from other North American cities.   Condor also offers weekly service from Frankfurt Germany from June through September.

Watson Lake Shuttle and Freight Services will run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, returning the same day. The bus will depart from Tags in Watson Lake at 7 a.m. and return around 4 p.m, making a stop at the Nisutlin trading post in Teslin. The service is open to the public.

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