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How To Prepare For A Fly-In Fishing Canada Adventure

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  The ultimate fishing trip for a true fisherman is a fly-in fishing canada adventure.  Fishing in places where very few people have ever been is almost a zen like experience.  The tranquil untouched beauty of the wilderness is amazing. And fishing for the large aggressive native fish is beyond words. But to totally enjoy such an adventure you must be adequately prepared,  even when coming to a remote wilderness lodge like Grizzly Creek Lodge.  It’s not like you can just hop in your car and drive to the nearest store to pick up something you may have forgotten.  To [...]

Grizzly Creek Lodge 2017 Season

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We have been hustling for the past couple months getting Grizzly Creek Lodge ready for the 2017 season.  There are boats to repair and clean,  firewood to chop, repairs to make and the list goes on.   The saving grace is that we built the lodge and cabins ourselves and we know their architecture inside and out. Another task is the purchasing of supplies and food for the coming months.  Since we are a Fly in Lodge it the logistics of keeping the lodge supplied can be a bit daunting at times.  Reggie is a master at making sure we [...]
Yukon lake trout fishing

Yukon Lake Trout Fishing

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Yukon Lake Trout Fishing   The Yukon Territory is without question one of fishing’s best kept secrets. There are literally hundreds of lakes, streams, and rivers scattered throughout the Yukon backcountry. Many of these water bodies have never been fished. With a total population of less than 40,000 people, even well-known waters with easy access see little traffic. Although a number of game fish can be found in Yukon waters, the lake trout is king.  In terms of both size and numbers, Yukon lake trout fishing is as good as it gets. Anywhere.   Lake Trout Habitat   Great habitat [...]
Fly fishing for lake trout

Fly Fishing Techniques for Lake Trout

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                                                            Fly Fishing for Lake Trout We get asked about fly fishing for lake trout all the time. Visitors to our website are surprised to see these trips offered. Most think lake trout fishing consists of slow trolling heavy lures at great depths. They are amazed to find out that we offer fly fishing trips geared towards this hard fighting species. When I tell them they can expect to catch and release [...]
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