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fly fishing for lake trout

Fly-rodding for Early Season Lake Trout

                                     Fly Rodding for Early Season Lake Trout Fly fishing for lake trout. Although no one seems to know who coined the term, “location, location, location,” most historians agree that it was most likely a real estate tycoon. What we do know, is that the Chicago Tribune was the first to publish the phrase in 1926. That fact, leads me to believe an angler had something to do with it. As everyone knows, the Midwest is chock full of people who take their fishing seriously. The person who coined the term may well have been in real estate, but I’m [...]

Fishing in the Yukon Territory

                                                 Yukon Fishing When was the last time you heard of a place that has more wildlife than people? The ‘land of the midnight sun,’ is such a place. With a land mass about the size of Spain, the Yukon Territory has a wildlife population that far exceeds the 30,000 people that call the Territory home. Some of the best fishing on the planet is found in the Yukon bush. Twenty-seven freshwater species can be found in [...]

Fly Fishing for Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling, a Fly Fishers Dream Fish   The rivers surface looked like it was being pelted by an early summer thunderstorm; but there wasn’t a cloud in sight.  A mayfly hatch was underway, and there were literally hundreds of arctic grayling surfacing on the section of river in front of me. A member of the salmon family, there are six grayling species in the northern hemisphere, but the arctic grayling, ( Thymallus Arcticus, ) is the only grayling species found in North America. During the summer months arctic grayling feed voraciously, and although they have been known to eat small [...]

Eppinger Dardevle Spoons

Top Lake Trout Lures Opinions on the top lake trout lure, usually center around two well-known plugs. The T-60 flatfish, and Eppingers Dardevle spoons. While experienced guides will always have an assortment of both at their disposal, the argument over which lure is best, is a hotly debated subject. While I don’t deny that the T-60 is an awesome lake trout lure, I am firmly in the Eppinger camp when it comes to the best lake trout lure of all time. My reasoning is simple; Dardevle spoons are more versatile. The T-60 is a deep running lure that is hard [...]

Master fly tyer Gary Hanke tying a great Grayling Fly
pike clouser minnow

Proven Fly-Fishing Patterns for Yukon Fishing

At Grizzly Creek Lodge, our list of favorite patterns for lake trout and northern pike fishing is quite short. This surprises some, but three decades of Yukon fishing experience has enabled us to identify the best patterns for our waters, in our conditions. Other patterns will certainly work, but over the years we have condensed our fly boxes into what works best for us. More is not always better.                                                               [...]

How To Prepare For A Fly-In Fishing Canada Adventure

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  The ultimate fishing trip for a true fisherman is a fly-in fishing canada adventure.  Fishing in places where very few people have ever been is almost a zen like experience.  The tranquil untouched beauty of the wilderness is amazing. And fishing for the large aggressive native fish is beyond words. But to totally enjoy such an adventure you must be adequately prepared,  even when coming to a remote wilderness lodge like Grizzly Creek Lodge.  It’s not like you can just hop in your car and drive to the nearest store to pick up something you may have forgotten.  To [...]

Best Fishing Lodges In Canada

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What has four arms and four legs, nets over 100 fish weighing a total of over 1000 lbs and still has time for a relaxing shore lunch and a delicious home cooked dinner? Answer: 2 happy fishermen catching Lake Trout and Pike on a spectacular June day out of one of the Best Fishing Lodges In Canada, Grizzly Creek Lodge. I guess one of the things they need to add to the “What To Pack” list is a tube of Ben Gay, Can you imagine what your arms would feel like after boating that many fish. I think the next [...]
Toobally Lake at Grizzly Creek Fishing Lodge Yukon Canada

Grizzly Creek Fishing Lodge Yukon Canada

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Following the cliché, there are Yukon Lodges, and then there is the Grizzly Creek Fishing Lodge Yukon Canada. Grizzly Creek Lodge is one of a kind and offers a remote luxury rarely found anywhere. Grizzly Creek Lodge is owned by David and Reggie O’Farrell and is located on the shores of Toobally Lake in Yukon Canada. The only way to get to Grizzly Creek Lodge is by float plane from the town of Watson Lake Canada. The Lodge and its cabins were built by the O’Farrells themselves in the middle of this pristine forrest. Each building was built using local [...]

Grizzly Creek Lodge 2017 Season

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We have been hustling for the past couple months getting Grizzly Creek Lodge ready for the 2017 season.  There are boats to repair and clean,  firewood to chop, repairs to make and the list goes on.   The saving grace is that we built the lodge and cabins ourselves and we know their architecture inside and out. Another task is the purchasing of supplies and food for the coming months.  Since we are a Fly in Lodge it the logistics of keeping the lodge supplied can be a bit daunting at times.  Reggie is a master at making sure we [...]
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