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Proven Fly-Fishing Patterns for Yukon Fishing

At Grizzly Creek Lodge, our list of favorite patterns for lake trout and northern pike fishing is quite short. This surprises some, but three decades of Yukon fishing experience has enabled us to identify the best patterns for our waters, in our conditions. Other patterns will certainly work, but over the years we have condensed our fly boxes into what works best for us. More is not always better.                                                               [...]

Best Fishing Lodges In Canada

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What has four arms and four legs, nets over 100 fish weighing a total of over 1000 lbs and still has time for a relaxing shore lunch and a delicious home cooked dinner? Answer: 2 happy fishermen catching Lake Trout and Pike on a spectacular June day out of one of the Best Fishing Lodges In Canada, Grizzly Creek Lodge. I guess one of the things they need to add to the “What To Pack” list is a tube of Ben Gay, Can you imagine what your arms would feel like after boating that many fish. I think the next [...]
Toobally Lake at Grizzly Creek Fishing Lodge Yukon Canada

Grizzly Creek Fishing Lodge Yukon Canada

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Following the cliché, there are Yukon Lodges, and then there is the Grizzly Creek Fishing Lodge Yukon Canada. Grizzly Creek Lodge is one of a kind and offers a remote luxury rarely found anywhere. Grizzly Creek Lodge is owned by David and Reggie O’Farrell and is located on the shores of Toobally Lake in Yukon Canada. The only way to get to Grizzly Creek Lodge is by float plane from the town of Watson Lake Canada. The Lodge and its cabins were built by the O’Farrells themselves in the middle of this pristine forrest. Each building was built using local [...]

Grizzly Creek Lodge 2017 Season

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We have been hustling for the past couple months getting Grizzly Creek Lodge ready for the 2017 season.  There are boats to repair and clean,  firewood to chop, repairs to make and the list goes on.   The saving grace is that we built the lodge and cabins ourselves and we know their architecture inside and out. Another task is the purchasing of supplies and food for the coming months.  Since we are a Fly in Lodge it the logistics of keeping the lodge supplied can be a bit daunting at times.  Reggie is a master at making sure we [...]
fishing in the Yukon Territory

Fishing in the Yukon Territory

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                                     Fishing in the Yukon Territory The discovery of yellow gold by Skookum Jim Mason, Tagish Charlie, and George Carmack, started the first stampede of outsiders into the Yukon Territory. The trio made their discovery in 1896 on Rabbit Creek, not far from the sleepy little northern town of Dawson City.  By the spring of 1897, news had spread, and the gold rush was on. The great gold rush branded the Yukon Territory forever. Thousands of tourists make the long pilgrimage north up [...]
Arctic grayling fishing

Fishing for Arctic Grayling

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                                             Arctic Grayling Fishing Canada’s Yukon Territory is home to some of the finest arctic grayling fishing on the planet. With their sail like dorsal fin, arctic grayling are one of the most beautiful fresh water species. They are also pound for pound, one of the best fighting fish in the north. Arctic grayling love to break water, and it’s not unusual for them to go airborne multiple times during a fight. Feeding primarily on insects, they are a [...]
Yukon fishing with a woolly bugger

The Wonderful Woolly Bugger

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                                    Woolly Buggers for Yukon Fishing A standby for two generations of fly fishers it’s hard to imagine a more versatile pattern. The wonderful wooly bugger comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and is one of those flies that can’t be fished wrong. Reliable sources credit Russell Blessing for inventing this amazing pattern. Although Russell had the hellgrammite in mind with this fly, they work so well most anglers consider the woolly bugger to be the best general purpose streamer ever [...]

Why Should We Practice Catch-and-Release

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Why Catch and Release?   Catch-and-release has been used as a conservation tool in the United Kingdom for well over 100-years. Here in North America it  still faces resistance in some circles. Although this resistance usually comes from those with little angling experience, it is troubling that it exists at all. Conservationists in North America have been advocating catch-and-release since the early 1950s. As a fisheries management tool it has no equal. Self-imposed for the most part, it is vital to the future of fishing. Some of our most famous fisheries wouldn’t exist without anglers willing to forego the legal [...]
Big lake trout

Top-Water Tactics For Lake Trout

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Top Water Tactics for Lake Trout By now most fly fishers have heard how effective a fly rod is for lake trout. This is remarkable in itself when you consider that not too many years ago a fly rod was not considered practical for this species. Down riggers and deep running lures were the tools of the trade. Thankfully, a few pioneers took fly fishing for lake trout mainstream. Grizzly Creek Lodges’ own Doug Skanse was at the forefront of this movement. Hundreds of hours out on the water convinced Doug that lake trout would take a fly as reliably [...]
Nice Lake Trout At Grizzly Creek Lodge

Dustin With A Nice Lake Trout

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The season is starting off well at Grizzly Creek Lodge.  We have been catching some amazing fish and lots of them.  The weather has been nice and we have even have some days that we would call warm in our part of the world.
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