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Fishing for Arctic Grayling

Arctic grayling fishing

Fishing for Arctic Grayling

by test

                                             Arctic Grayling Fishing

Canada’s Yukon Territory is home to some of the finest arctic grayling fishing on the planet. With their sail like dorsal fin, arctic grayling are one of the most beautiful fresh water species. They are also pound for pound, one of the best fighting fish in the north. Arctic grayling love to break water, and it’s not unusual for them to go airborne multiple times during a fight. Feeding primarily on insects, they are a fly-fishers dream.

Here at Grizzly Creek Lodge, our favorite arctic grayling rig is a short 3 wt. fly rod, lightweight reel spooled with weight forward floating line. Rods in the 5/6 wt. class might be a better option if you are fishing a strong current.


                                                                     Dry Flies

Arctic grayling are aggressive feeders. When it comes to choosing dry flies it’s really hard to go wrong. The elk hair caddis, bloody mosquito, bumble bee, and black gnat, are some of our favorite patterns. Hook sizes 12 through 16 work well. The waters we fish are so clear; our clients spend most of their time sight fishing.



Quite often the bigger males can be found suspended under logs, or in deep pools with a strong current. Nymph patterns are a great way to target these fish. The Hare’s Ear, Zug Bug, and Pheasant Tail, are popular patterns.


                                                                      Spin Casting


Arctic grayling love anything flashy. Mepp’s, Panther Martins, and Blue Fox spinners from #0 – #3 are the best producers. An ultra-light spinning rod with 4 to 6-pound test line is the perfect set-up for these fish. The best strategy is to cast your spinner upstream. The goal is to keep it just off the bottom. Don’t overlook low hanging trees or partially submerged logs. These are favorite spots for feeding grayling.


Guests at Grizzly Creek Lodge all have ample opportunities to experience world class arctic grayling fishing just a short boat ride from the main lodge.  No costly fly-outs required!



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