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Yukon fishing with a woolly bugger

The Wonderful Woolly Bugger

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                                    Woolly Buggers for Yukon Fishing A standby for two generations of fly fishers it’s hard to imagine a more versatile pattern. The wonderful wooly bugger comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and is one of those flies that can’t be fished wrong. Reliable sources credit Russell Blessing for inventing this amazing pattern. Although Russell had the hellgrammite in mind with this fly, they work so well most anglers consider the woolly bugger to be the best general purpose streamer ever [...]

Why Should We Practice Catch-and-Release

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Why Catch and Release?   Catch-and-release has been used as a conservation tool in the United Kingdom for well over 100-years. Here in North America it  still faces resistance in some circles. Although this resistance usually comes from those with little angling experience, it is troubling that it exists at all. Conservationists in North America have been advocating catch-and-release since the early 1950s. As a fisheries management tool it has no equal. Self-imposed for the most part, it is vital to the future of fishing. Some of our most famous fisheries wouldn’t exist without anglers willing to forego the legal [...]
Big lake trout

Top-Water Tactics For Lake Trout

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Top Water Tactics for Lake Trout By now most fly fishers have heard how effective a fly rod is for lake trout. This is remarkable in itself when you consider that not too many years ago a fly rod was not considered practical for this species. Down riggers and deep running lures were the tools of the trade. Thankfully, a few pioneers took fly fishing for lake trout mainstream. Grizzly Creek Lodges’ own Doug Skanse was at the forefront of this movement. Hundreds of hours out on the water convinced Doug that lake trout would take a fly as reliably [...]
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